Rough & Finish Grading

Build a New Landscape With Professional Rough and Finish Grading

At Brinkmann Construction, our team is equipped to handle rough and finish grading projects from start to finish. Whether your lot needs to be cleared of rock debris, areas need to be excavated or demolished, or you need help solving drainage problems, we have the expertise and know-how to smooth everything out and improve the look of your landscape. Ready to get started? Call us now at 262-567-6823.

What Is Rough Grading?

Rough grading shapes the foundation of your landscape. It’s the first step in sculpting a smooth, stable base for your lawn—we establish shape, soil composition, hills, terraces, embankments, and drainage. Using the very best equipment and technology, our experts can provide grading for all types of residential and commercial projects. We’ll also make sure your lawn or new construction site is level, up to code, and reinforced against water damage.

What Is Finish Grading?

Once a rough grade has been shaped and established the foundation of your property, it’s time to smooth out the surface with finish grading—the process of making your lawn look great. Our team of pros will prep your yard for sod or seed, remove rocks and other large objects, and completely even everything out.

Let Brinkmann Help You Create a Fresh Canvas for Your Landscape

Our experts are second to none when it comes to leveling and smoothing your lawn to support and stabilize everything from the yard itself to your patio, walkways, and driveway. Call us today at 262-567-6823 or contact us online to talk about your next project—and swipe through the photos below for examples of our work.